Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Button Hair Tie Tutorial:

Chloe’s hair has been getting longer and I love playing with it (she not so much). So with her hair longer and able to go into a ponytail now I decided to make her some cute hair ties that will match her outfits. Here is how I made them.

1 Button
1 Elastic hair tie
1 piece of string 10-15 cm long.

Loop your string through the hair tie.

Match the two ends of the string up.

Thread these through the button hole

Pull on the string to pull the elastic hair tie through the button hole

Continue pulling through until you have almost pulled the whole hair tie through. Leave a small loop.

Take the thread back through the loop.

Pull through the loop.

When the loop is tight you are done.

Remove the thread.

Now try only making one!!! :)


The Kings said...

Soooo cute! If only I had a little girl :)

Tanya said...

Thanks, I had wondered about how to do that!

ANdy said...

This is fantastic can't wait to try it out!

Anonymous said...

Does it matter what size hair band? I wanna use the super thick ones but the buttons I have only fit the thinner ones. Do they make them with bigger holes?

Clares Place said...

This tutorial uses the thin hair ties. I have seen button hair ties made with thick hair ties but I am not sure where you purchase them sorry.

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