Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Past Week

For the past week Chloe has been MISERABLE. The poor thing is getting some teeth (a few on the bottom - the bigger ones). For me this has come as a huge shock as her first six were seriously a breeze and I was beginning to wonder what the whole teeth deal was. Wonder no more. This teething has brought sleepless nights – I had almost forgotten what it was like when she was a newborn and the constant need for cuddles – which is fine except for the minute I put her down she would burst into uncontrollable tears. This was made more difficult to deal with as hubby was away at a work conference in Melbourne for most of the week meaning I had no help of a night. So needless to say nothing much has been happening around here.
I have been able to make some cut button hair ties for the princess though. Something quick and easy that can be done as she was sleeping in my arms. I did take photos so you can make them for yourself but unfortunately am unable to download them at the moment (temperamental connection cord) so you will have to wait to see these. But seriously they are the quickest and easiest thing ever and so fun to make (I have made like 20 and would have made more had I not run out of hair ties! :s )
One thing I have had a chance to do is check out one of my fav. blogs – I am lovin’ this post with all the bright colours for children’s room. I especially love the bright green dresser and turquoise cot (neutral background with colour though accessories). How cute are those alphabet cards?!

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Nettie's Blog said...

Oh no poor baby Chloe... i thought she was sick on Sunday... i went to give her a cuddle and she was so miserable...
Did the little knitted Hoodie fit??? i loved it at first sight and i could see it on Chloe...hopw it did
you could have called me ...i would have given you some respite...remember me next time!!!!!

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