Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toddler Scarf Tutorial

With winter upon us (for us Aussies) I needed something to keep my little princess warm when we go out so I decided whip her up a few little scarves.

5” (13cm) x width of fabric of polar fleece;*
5” (13cm) x width of fabric of cotton fabric, *
Sewing machine,
Co-ordinating thread,
Cutting ruler,
Rotary cutter,
Cutting mat.

*I suggest purchasing a little extra fabric as I have found sometimes fabric off the bolt is not cut squarely
(To make a baby scarf I would suggest cutting your fabric to 4” (10cm) and cutting the length down from 44” to about 36-38”)

Cut your fabric (if you haven’t already done so to 5” (13cm) x the width of the fabric- usually about 44”)

Pin the two rectangles right sides together as shown.

Sew your pieces together using a ½” (1.5 cm) to 5/8” (2 cm ) seam (I prefer the 5/8”). Be sure to leave a 2 1/2” gap between the beginning and end of sewing for turning out.

Trim the corners on a diagonal being sure not to cut your stitching.

Turn the right way out and press on the cotton side of the scarf.

Close the opening by tucking the fabric inside the scarf and pin.

Topstitch ¼” (.5 cm) from the edge around the perimeter of the scarf.

Trim any stray threads.

You are all done! These are so easy you will be making them to give to everyone!

Feel free to use this pattern for personal use! Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

So cute Clare, looking forward to seeing you guys.

Aimee said...

great tutorial clare... well done :)

Rebecca said...

looks great clare - will have to try making this - thanks for the free lessons!

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