Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jayne's Love - New Pattern and Giveaway!

This quilt was actually designed and made for my sister in law before Twinkle, Twinkle was even started. Jayne gave me the beautiful Amy Butler Love fabrics to use and was happy for me to use them any way I pleased. Yay - way too much fun!!!

Now the photoshoot. Fun too - but I am so not a photographer! My little princess was a great sport (as good as an 18 month can be) and humored me while I snapped away. Of all the photos taken many were not suitable but great for family snaps. My princess is so very cute (totally biased) and actually looks posed in a few shots. Let me tell you totally impossible to have her pose for me!
This quilt is all about Love!!! With beautiful hand stitched detail to give it that ‘little bit extra’,

it will add a special touch to any room and is perfect for snuggling under on cold winters days.

So why not give your room that handmade “love” today?

How beautiful is the quilting on this quilt? This quilt was taken to the quilter my sister in law uses. I am reluctant to tell you who she is as she is so good and I want to keep her to myself but think its only fair to share a good thing. Ok here goes....its Sarah from Patchworks Plus phew that was tough. (fingers crossed that now the secret is out Sarah will still have time to do my quilts! ;p )

And now giveaway time!
For your chance to win the Jayne's Love pattern simply complete one
(or all) of the following:
• Leave a comment on this post! For one entry
• For a bonus entry, post about this giveaway on your blog, then come back and leave another comment letting me know that you have blogged about it!
• If you make a purchase on my Etsy store or Made It store (and pay for it) during the competition you will be given one additional entry per purchase. Please make a comment on here for each item purchased.
Entries will be taken from today until the 21st August and drawn via random number generator.

Fabrics: Amy Butler Love

Quilted: Patchworks Plus


Jan said...

Your Princess is even more beautiful than your quilt ,what lovely pictures of both ,her dungarees coordinate so well too,....love Jan xx

Mimi said...

I would 'love' to win the Love Pattern, it is absolutely heart warming!! Thanks for the chance.

Charlotte said...

Love this quilt Clare, too cute! As is your 'little princess' she is just too adorable, what a great model.

Charlotte said...

This is such a cute quilt that I had to blog about it on spotted lime to qualify for another entry. You are just too clever Clare! Keep it up!

The Kings said...

lovely quilt Clare and cute photos!!!Sorry I'm not able to take pics right now, but you did a great job.

Jess said...

I've never made a quilt because they look so hard.. you make them look easy!

* said...

Clare Miss Princess is way too cute! And of course she is a natural when the camera is on her!

Allison said...

Your work is beatiful. Such talent.
Your Princess is abolutely adorable. Love the pictures, they are great.

make it perfect said...

looks great clare! chloe is growing up - she is so cute :)

Aimee said...

how cute is little miss thumb sucker chloe! quilt looks awesome :)

Aimee said...

how cute is little thumb sucking chloe! you've done an awesome job on the quilt.

Nettie's Blog said...

such a cheeky little adorable face...love the pics and the quilt...

Sarah said...

What gorgeous pics Clare! Your cute DD looks adorable snuggled up with the quilt! Looks great binded!
Glad you were pleased with the quilting!
x Sarah

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