Monday, October 11, 2010

Hobart and an Echidna

I have been quite busy lately. My mum and I headed to Hobart for a day trip on friday. We visited a bunch of great quilting stores (though I must say I was very good and didn't spend up too big this trip). I (briefly) meet a lovely person (Hi Melissa!) in Frangipani Fabrics who has friends in common with myself (such a coincidence).

While in Hobart we also HAD to stop off at Big W and to pick up any bargains and do some Christmas shopping. Our Princess scored a soft Spot the dog toy and book for Christmas (or birthday) - one disadvantage of having her birthday so close to Christmas is that if she has too many pressies for one they get split evenly. We also stopped off at one of my good friends Jen's place - but because she is a teacher and I timed things badly we couldn't catch up this time but I dropped off a 'love with all your heart' canvas along with these little pretties. I hope you like it Jen!

I decided to make the button present when I was last in Hobart and Jen and I caught up and hit Salamanca Maket and I found out about her love of buttons. Me being a slacker had them made AGES ago but didn't get around to posting it and so given that I was going to be in Hobart I thought I better deliver it in person.

Our Hobart trip was completed with dinner out at a chinese restaurant for tea. I was worried about having Chinese with a fussy 21 month old but they had a kids menu which included chips, and given they are her favourite thing to eat at the moment, we were set.

On Saturday after coming back from my run (more like a sloooooow jog) I was met with an echidna coming up our drive so I quickly ran inside to show our princess a live echidna for the first time.

It was so cute and shy so we were careful to keep our distance and not disturb it (I couldn't get a good shot of our princess and the echidna in the same photo).

I have also been busy making final changes to an upcoming pattern. Woo hoo! Which I must say is a new fav. and is especially for little boys. Stay tuned for more information VERY SOON! :)

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Nettie's Blog said...

now where in the whole of Tasmania would you get a echidna in suberbia like that ... i would have loved to see the Princess's face when she saw it....choice experiences to be had ... and to remember...

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