Monday, November 1, 2010

Tasmanian Craft Fair

On Friday I headed to Deloraine to meet up with one of my nieces so we could go to the Tasmanian Craft Fair together. It was a fantastic day to go - no rain which meant it wasn’t muddy underfoot and there were not too many people which made it reasonably easy to get close enough to check out all the beautiful craft wares (even with a pram).

I didn’t buy much as I am saving for a trip to Melbourne later this month for the quilting trade show. I plan on buying some (maybe a lot of) fabric to add to my collection (anyway I digress). I did buy a cute little handmade sketch book and some wooden pendants to make into necklaces later down the track. But I did get some craft ideas so it was great for that!

The sole reason for my niece going to the fair was to add to her gollywog collection. She was quite disappointed because after visiting most of the sites (the High school, basketball centre and theatre) she had only found one and it was not at a price she could afford. Feeling somewhat disheartened on the walk to the showgrounds she had decided that if she didn’t find anything she would save more money and get one from a store in Latrobe, but as luck would have it the showgrounds had two stalls selling golliwogs and there were 3 that she wanted. Princess and I went onto the next stall leaving her to decide on her purchase. She rejoined us with a big smile and had two golliwogs in hand (a girl and a boy). She was stoked! (as was I for her).

Our princess was fantastic the WHOLE TIME (go figure!!!). I think it may have been the fact that she had her cousin to keep her company and pay her attention when I wasn’t able to but seriously (for all you mothers out there - how often do you go out shopping or visiting friends and feel embarrassed by the tears and tantrums coming from the pram that you have to finish up and head home to save your – and everyone esles sanity?!) Well this trip she was the perfect little angel! STOKED!!!

We dropped off my niece at her mums work before we all headed to Fresh Fabric (one of my stockists) for a look. Do these pretties look familiar?! Yep they are three (well technically two of my quilts but three of my designs) of my quilts on display. YAY. Did I mention they were one of my stockists ;p so if you want one of my quilt patterns head into Fresh Fabric or any of my other wonderful stockists.


Holli said...

What a gorgeous little girl you have! Great wooden pendants, they will make great necklaces. :)

Nettie's Blog said...

gosh you are getting famous... i had better get your autograph soon ...he he...i am so happy for you Clare ...your desrve to sell heaps have worked very hard and your wuilts are just gorgeous...go girl.!!!!

leeah said...

I saw your lovely quilts at Fresh Fabrics on saturday. Love the boys quilt.

Aimee said...

quilts look awesome clare! didn't make it to the craft fair this year- I guess I'll have to make up for it next year... glad you had fun :)

the woodwards said...

Wouldn't have been brave enough to take Eden.. Glad you had a good day!!

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