Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tags

Last week I had our niece stay while she did work experience at Newstead Heights (a local school that caters for children with special needs) I must say she was hardly here as she was often at the gym (roped in by Lisa) so really it just meant cooking and cleaning after another person (no biggie) While she was staying I realised just how much the day is broken up and time is lost when you have to adjust your routine to drop off and pick up someone from school each day. It meant that each day I lost 45mins to 1 hour packing up, driving, waiting, then driving home, which then meant 1 hour less sewing, pattern writing, doing Christmas crafts etc. So basically I realised just how blessed I am that my day is not yet broken up by school pick ups and drop offs, and when our princess does go to school it is walking distance so that will save time (waiting at traffic lights) too :). With that said I did manage to sneak in a little bit of sewing to appliqué a t-shirt for a pressie

and also managed to get the last of the Christmas shopping hubbies side of the family done too (large family). It is tradition on Hubbies side of the family that the grandchildren buy everyone a chickenfeed (dollar shop) gift to teach them to share and show they care about them. When they are very small (like our princess) this means they pick random things that are useless but great for a laugh. Lucky for me hubby was happy to take our princess shopping for these presents and give me a break – who likes shopping with a overtired toddler?! I for one had had enough of that until next grocery shop.

When it came to wrapping the pressies,

I found these cute tags to label them (so much easier than making them as I usually do).
After I had printed and wrapped the pressies I found more cute tags to set aside for future reference. Mushy has these found at (the link isn't working for some reason)

The Black Apple has these cute ones
Yoonie at Home has these
and paper crave has my favourites found at (another link that wasn't working)

I will be keeping these for next year.

I hope you are getting all your presents, crafting and everything else done this season and are able to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.


Aimee said...

oooh, i love gift tags...
and I really love the colours in that quilt your mum made! gorgeous.

The Kings said...

Was very fun having Tayla as my gym buddy :) School pick up and drop offs are a pain, but it's good as it makes me go out and keep going to the gym as I'm out anyway, or makes me get my jobs done early.
I think if I didn't have an excuse to leave the house I would waste the day away too much.
Cute gift tags :)

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing the gift tags Clare.

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