Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Okay here is the NICHE post :)

Niche was my first ever market experience as a stallholder and I love that 20% of all profits from stallholders went to St Giles .  It was flat out on the Friday night and Saturday was just as busy until later in the afternoon when I was able to check out the other talented stallholders.  There was so many gorgeous stalls and plenty of variety - which just goes to show how well organised the market is.  Friday night was quite cold, windy and wet so I am so glad we were indoors so we didn't freeze and our stock didn't blow away or get damaged. 

This is my stall before the crowds arrived.

I had a blast (and was exhausted by the end of it!!!)  Liz (the organiser is super friendly and supportive - always offering to help which made the experience 100 x easier).

I also had fantastic family support with my twin sis lending a hand most of the time and mum there when she wasn't (hubby was on babysitting duty) which was very handy when I wasn't feeling the best (darn morning sickness).  My neighbours were very friendly one of which was studiooat.  I had to make a few purchases while there so I got the artwork and card from studiooat and the cute tags from another stall (sorry I forget who - baby brain setting in).

I had such a wonderful 1st time experience and learnt so much, met so many wonderful people and had such lovely feedback on my work.  Thanks to all those who visited my stall and made the experience such a pleasure.


The Kings said...

Stall looked great Clare! Hope you did well from it.

Sarah said...

Sure did look great! Well done Clare!

Aimee said...

well done clare... great to see pics of your stall all set up :)

Launceston Weeden Family said...

Your stall looked great Clare, there was so much wonderful things to buy that it was hard making a choice.

Cullis Family said...

Sounds like Niche was a success, well done!

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