Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing ... 'SUMMERTIME'

I know here in Australia we are experiencing the wonderful *cough cough* winter weather and for some they love this time of year, but my favourite time of the year is without doubt summer.  I love the smells of summer, the colours, the foods (particularly fresh berries) - pretty much all that summer encompasses which is why I LOVE this quilt.  It is made from Barbara Jones Summertime fabrics which are so fresh and fun.  I was unable to take photos on Saturday with hubby as planned (the weather was horrible and raining) but my mum is AWESOME and was able to help me take these photos today. 

We took them at a river, close to the home where I grew up.  For me this river brings back so many fun memories of summer because during summer we would cool off in the water, then play some tennis and return to the water when we got too hot ,ahhh the good ol' days of childhood - no cares or worries just fun times.

As we walked the banks of the river we took a path down under a bridge. 

We used to pick blackberries along this steep rocky track that we later made into jam.  It was under the bridge that we found a perfect spot for some more photos. 

The colours in the graffiti match perfectly with the quilt don't you think?

As we set off back to the car we thought that this rusty old fence also made a great backdrop for this quilt. 

So for those of us in the cooler parts of the world why don't you "Chase away the winter blues by using bright citrus colours to give this modern quilt a refreshing ‘Summertime’ twist" 

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this pattern I will have it available in PDF format here on my blog and in my etsy store shortly.  If you wish to purchase a hard copy of this pattern contact any of my stockists who are sure to have them in stock shortly.  If you are a retailer and would like to stock my patterns then please contact me directly for further information.


Cullis Family said...

Love it!

Launceston Weeden Family said...

What a beautiful quilt Clare! Wish I was creative to be able to take on the challenge in sewing one up but alas my sewing skills are far too bad! Love the photo locations as well!

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