Monday, June 20, 2011

What's Inspiring Me

I am loving all the beautiful bright colours at the moment!  
Do these things inspire you to make or change something like they do me? 

Source:  Floor Cushions, 

I can certainly see a beautiful rainbow themed kids bedroom with those floor cushions (if only I knew how to crochet!), the rainbow stackable toy and a beautiful rainbow quilt to snuggle under. 

Source: Houses


Source: Rainbow Cake 

I am definitely going to try making that beautiful rainbow cake for our little princesses next birthday.  And those houses!  Oh my!  How wonderful to live in a street that is not afraid to use colour! 


Cullis Family said...

I wanted to make a rainbow cake for Darcy last week but no he wanted a chocolate cake!

Stitchin' time said...

My DIL makes rainbow jelly for my grandchildren as a treat when there are friends over for BBQ's or parties. She buys about 6 packets, in complementary flavours - i.e. different summer fruits (orange, lemon, pineapple etc) or all berry ones - and makes up one using half a packet and 50% hot/50% cold water. She puts this in a clear glass bowl and lets it set then continues in this way with the other flavours until all are used. There is a nice little 'blur' line between colours where they merge and the half packets of jelly crystals left make up 'two tones' for the family later later in the week :). Could be a nice idea for boys!

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