Monday, July 11, 2011

everyday happenings

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I bought Chloe these jeans last season on sale and love the style and fit on her - that was until she decided to make a small hole in the leg massive by shoving her hand inside to keep it warm.  Rather than toss them out I decided some patches would look cool in some red fabric to coordinate with the button on the front and stiched detail on the back pockets. 

All I did was cut a patch larger than the hole, apply heat and bond around the perimeter of the front of the patch, place to the under side of the denim and stitch around the freyed edges.  I then stitched a rustic rectangle around the patch and decided it looked a little sad so added some more rectangles.  The other leg had a small hole starting and as I didnt want the same thing happening, so I decided I should add a patch to that side also.  I think the alterations make the jeans look more trendy and they have already been worn many times since (I am glad I patched the second leg as this girl is rough on her clothes when she plays!).

While I was at it I had some onesies to applique for pressies (which I forgot to take photos of - sorry!  I did manage to remember to snap this one before it was wrapped)

The best thing about sewing that day was that Chloe wanted to sew like mum too so I got some scrap fabric and sat her on my knee and let her guide the fabric through as I operated the foot control.  She did really well and when I stopped for corners - she lifted the foot turned the fabric until I said stop and lowered the foot just as I had shown her.

I am one proud mum!!!


Stitchin' time said...

Great idea to extend the life of the jeans and the red looks great. That onesie is cute :).

Cullis Family said...

Excellent idea with the jeans! Got Baby Horsman a present today. xx

Nettie's Blog said...

and so you should be proud..she is one gorgeous and talented little princess... i remember the day she did that hole in her jeans had come to visit me at the "shoebox"...he he...they look cuter than ever now and will last so much longer ...even the next little princess will be able to wear them too maybe???

Sim-Dim said...

I am trying to put your button on my blog but it doesn't seem to be appearing and I know Im doing the process right as I just added 'make it perfect' and tried to do yours the same way. :)

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