Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyday Life

Oh my has it really been almost a week since my last post?!  I must admit though I have been busy doing family things and have thought a few times I should do a blog post but then decided "Nah that's just boring every day things - who would want to see and hear about that (apart from family?!)" 
So for anyone interested in my daily happenings read on ;p.
  • We had Tiny Tots (where Chloe is able to play on a variety of equipment we don't have at home - and the house doesn't get trashed while she is playing ;p) 
  • A day trip to Hobart to buy some curtains from freedom for my sewing room (shared office for hubby) and catching up with my Great Aunt and Great Uncle.
  • Playgroup at "Grandmas School" - The child studys class runs a playgroup for kids and parents (Always lots of fun!  Chloe made a rainbow biscuit/cookie)
  • Play date at Netties House with her two grandchildren (I was spoilt with some frames to make the alphabet display).
  • Cooking.  I really want to make macaroons but am scared to make them and stuff up so when I was at the supermarket and saw Donna Hay had a Almond Macaroon packet mix I had to get it to try and built my confidence a bit before making them from scratch.  It was destroyed when my princess came to 'help' and bumped into me when I was mixing the egg mix sending it flying all over the kitchen and floor including my laptop set up on the bench.  After cleaning up the mess I did still make some from what egg mix I still had left and just guessed the quantity of almond mix needed that turned out pretty good - makes me wonder just how good they would have been if everything went smoothly!  I will definitely get another Donna Hay packet mix to try again before making my own from scratch!!! 

  • Hubby had a birthday and we had some yummy deserts to celebrate.
  • Along with church, a little bit of sewing, pattern writing, washing, cleaning and feeling very tired (all part of being pregnant)   
So with all that I have had on lately I have found myself with less time then usual to do some blogging.  I am trying to complete a few sewing projects at the moment, so I will try not to neglect my poor blog and keep you updated on my progress. 

I hope you find time to do some sewing and spend time with those you love.

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Launceston Weeden Family said...

I have seen a couple of Donna Hays stuff at the supermarket, we got a brownie mix. which one did you get the macaroons from. I too want to make some macaroons but am a little worried I may stuff them, maybe we should have a macaroon making day as two could be better than one!

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