Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend was our Stake (Church) Conference held in Devonport and to kick it off on friday night we had a swim night at the Devonport olympic pool.  As a kid I LOVED swimming and hanging out at the beach but since having Chloe I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been swimming so I really wasn't keen to get cold in the water but because Chloe LOVES 'wimming' she coaxed hubby and I in at different times (we took shifts ;p).  Chloe had so much fun and after going on the water slide with daddy for the first time ever she wanted to go again and again.  Unfortunatly I forgot to take the camera and capture the 1st waterslide experience :s..
The following morning we headed to Hawley for a swim at the beach with cousins.  Chloe's favourite thing to do is be pulled along in the shallow water on her body board - that is until dad goes too fast and she comes off and decides thats enough of being pulled.  She and her cousins then decided they were going to 'surf the waves' by standing (or sitting) on their board at the edge of the water waiting for a wave to push them along.

We decided to give Sarah her first taste of the salt water and took her into the water too.  She didn't cry but didn't laugh either.  She just watched the water and the sand the whole time.  (and yes she is wearing a boys rashy - it was super cheap (and cute) at DFO and I got it before we had her - she has yet to grow into Chloes old one)

I can't believe how fast she is growing!  Chloes new friend Lil and her family also came to the beach for a play which made the beach all the more exciting for Chloe that "all my friends and everyone came to the beach wif me!"

Saturday afternoon hubby headed off the the priesthood leadership session of conference while the girls and I played and we 'changed shifts' so I could go the the saturday evening session which was fantastic! 
Sunday morning session was also good (the bits I heared ;p - It is always so much easier to concentrate on the speakers when you don't have your little ones there to distract you - not that I would have it any other way).  We were able to catch up with the family for a play and enjoy some delicious home grown tomatoes - yummo, before we headed back home after a busy but enjoyable weekend.

That was our weekend.  What did you get up to?  I hope you had fun what ever it was.


Lotti said...

Oh your little ones are so cute. Just beautiful. Love the beach photos.

shelley said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend, we too have been lucky to spend time at the beach last week with family,it was wonderful.

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