Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feeling Rotten

Since the beginning of the week I have had a terrible ache at the back of my mouth.  After seeing the dentist yesterday turns out I have an infected wisdom tooth :(.  Does anyone else get scared about going to the dentist or is it just me?!  I have been given two types of antibiotics to get on top of it before I get it (and possibly all of them) out.  Yuck! 
To top it off the past few nights I have had very, VERY little sleep due to this little princess being unwell too.  She has what looks like the start of a sore throat and ear infection so she is also been given antibiotics to stop it progressing further. 
(This was taken before she got sick but you have to have a photo in a post right?!)

So my apologies for a quiet blog lately (hopefully I can blog more soon).  I have my fingers crossed that no one else gets sick and recovery is fast - for both of us!


Lotti said...

This little one just makes me smile. How could you not smile when looking at that beautiful little face. About the dentist, I am LITERALLY TERRIFIED of the dentist. Had a horrendous experience as a small child with a horrid horrid dentist. So believe me I know fear when I go to the dentist and totally understand and empathyse (how do you spell that word) with you. Hope it all gets better soon.

shelley said...

What a gorgeous baby,you are blessed to have two beautiful girls. I can sympathise with you about the teeth, i had all 4 wisdom teeth out last year,it wasnt pleasant, but ive never looked back,no more tooth aches. Good luck!

clare's craftroom said...

What a beautiful little girl ! All the very , very best with your tooth I hope it gets sorted soon , I do feel for you xxx

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