Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unmotivated to sew?!

For quite some time my poor sewing machine has been sitting collecting dust.  I desperately wanted to sew something and have a large (ever growing) list of new projects to start but I felt guilty hitting the sewing machine to do any non-work related sewing.  You see my design process starts with a sketch, that is then turned into a scaled down version of the completed quilt where I work out various quilt sizes before typing out a draft pattern and sewing a sample, making tweaks as I go.  But I had not yet typed up any patterns from my sketches and I was feeling completely unmotivated to spend hours at the computer writing a pattern :s
I explained my situation to one of the lovely ladies at Fresh Fabric (Hi Janet) and her advice to me was "JUST SEW"  She explained a similar situation had occurred to another wonderful Tasmanian designer and when she took the time to sew some "me projects" (projects you want to make - just 'cos) she soon got back into the rhythm of things and produced a bunch of new patterns.  That was the push I needed. I  had put off sewing for long enough so I pulled out the sewing machine and I JUST SEWED!  My goal was to make something by someone else using up fabric from the stash (smaller scraps). 

 I really love this quilt by Film In The Fridge so decided I would make one similar (I added colour to each of my corners rather than just two corners).  This is what I have so far: 

My quilt would be further along however this little princess wanted in on the action so I grabbed a bunch of charm squares to make a 'puzzle' from and this is what she came up with (more or less - she kept walking over her quilt and rearranged and moved pieces till she was happy with where they were).

I later decided to add 2" white sashing between her "puzzle" squares to make it a bit bigger and just in case the colours clashed.  I think she did a pretty good job for a first time.  I had her sit on my knee while I sewed and she helped feed through the pieces of fabric as we chain pieced them together.

We had so much fun!!!  I am totally back in the mood to hop on the computer and write out a new pattern (or two) so I can put together another quilt ;).  Which may mean these quilt squares remain unfinished for some time but I think that's ok.

So my advice to anyone lacking the motivation to start a new (or finish an old) project  - JUST SEW :)


Stitchin' time said...

Wow, the little princess has great colour co ordination! Glad you're getting your mojo back :).

Nettie's Blog said...

that is awesome Chloe...well done Clare for letting her create a gorgeous FIRST quilt...
i am just repairing "stuff" for the girls at work right now ...i so want to get into a project soon...i have so much material i want to do a bits n pieces quilt...just take them as they come and have me motivated now ...thanks

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