Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I must apologise for my lack of blogging (and all things Internet related).  My computer got a virus and had to be wiped clean to remove all the bugs.  This meant all email contacts have been deleted (thank goodness I had backed up most of my work and what I hadn't backed up the computer guys found and saved for me before wiping the computer clean).  I have so much to catch up on - including re-adding all my contacts (thank goodness for business cards!!!), returning emails and BLOGGING (please bare with me as I catch up!).  The most frustrating part - I have virus software on my computer and it didn't stop the virus from attacking the computer! 

I must admit not having a computer to distract me has helped me tackle a job I have put off for quite some time - cleaning out the room known as my sewing room/hubby's office and all round junk room.  It is almost done it just needs some storage cupboards added and a kitchen hutch repainted so I have enough storage to house everything.  In the process the rest of the house is a mess (isn't it always the way?!) so between catching up on all things computer I will be repainting furniture, cleaning the house and hopefully sewing!  Phew quite a bit on the to do list :s

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Sarah said...

I was just wondering how you were Clare!
Computers hey?! Cant live with them, cant without! Great that you were able to save most of your things. lol! At least it gave you time to do some tidying.
x Sarah

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