Sunday, October 7, 2012

Painting in the Sun

Sometimes when I have quite a bit of work to do (housework or quilting/pattern writing) I try and find activities for my girls to do that will hopefully hold their attention for 1/2 hour or if I'm super lucky an hour or more.  So the other day was one of those days I had pattern editing to do so set up the painting easel outside and foolishly thought to myself "that gives me 1/2 hour at least as we haven't had the paint out for a little while".  Well was I wrong?  Heck yes!  just after setting up the computer and opening the document I hear a rustling at the back door - it sounded like the littlest one so I go and check it out to find paint smeared across the back door, floor, laundry walls, deck and the of course all over her! 
It was a mess (but her cheeky smile was so cute don't you agree?) so I did what all mothers do, took her outside again, took some photos, cleaned up the mess on her and everywhere else had a play with the girls - moved the easel to the grass and thought "That should give me a little time".
Went to the computer, opened the document start checking the first measurement to hear the littlest one getting upset.  So I get up to see what was happening and find them painting the slide and swings, and Chloe had also painted her sister all over including the bottom of her nappy - Nice.
No worries I get the hose out and clean off the girls (and everything else) again play with them a bit and go inside to 'work' again and yes you guessed it left them to it for one last time (I know stupid right)  same thing happened I finally packed up the paint. 

(Paint mixed with sunscreen - looks good don't you think?!)
Although I got very little work done that day I did spend a lovely day outside cleaning up the girls, playing with paint and water and creating memories of fun times together.  It was so worth it!


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

That is perhaps the cheekiest grin I've ever seen, paint smeared or not! So cute!

Holli said...

Oh dear! Such a cheeky little grin though, I bet its hard to be cross with them! haha.

Holli xo

Cullis Family said...

Love that grin!

Nettie's Blog said...

just that Cheeky face ..Happy birthday Sarah...XXXX

Sandy M. said...

Haha! It sounds like a happy day all round :) That is a beautiful grin!

Sarah said...

What a day LOL! I hope the you got the paint off everything. Your girls are gorgeous Clare, I can see your Mum in Sarah!
x Sarah

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