Sunday, July 14, 2013

School Holiday Fun

It is school holiday time at the moment and with winter here we really need to make the most of the sunny days.  On Monday I took my mum (aka Grandma) and the girls off to Tasmazia to meet up with my sister and some friends.  Tasmazia is a series of 8 different mazes (with more being built) for you to get lost in find your way through.

It has been years since I have been so it was good to go back and see what had changed.  The girls had so much fun!  Along the way there are little quotes and sayings to lighten the mood and there are things for the kids (both big and little).

My girls liked to be the leaders (Sarah kept pointing the way) so we followed along and didn't get stuck as often as I thought we would.

Lunch was quite pricey if you were going to the shop but mum and I had thought ahead and packed a picnic lunch so we were sorted (I would recommend doing this!).

 We had such a great time and on the way home when I asked Chloe what her favourite part of the day was she said "ALL OF IT!"  You know it has been a good day when she likes it all :)


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