Monday, October 28, 2013

Clares Place happenings and turning 2

This year we (hubby and I) have both been very busy with work and reno's and decided on a very low key birthday for our Little Miss 2.  The day poured with rain which was perfect as she was given Duplo to add to our ever growing collection and played with it all day long.

We decided on a yummy birthday breakfast which we had the day after her birthday  and a swim at the local indoor pool with her cousins two days after.  Who doesn't love having birthdays spread across a few days :) ?

What else is happening here?
I am getting over a cold and ear infection as well as trying to get rid of shin splints (man they are painful!)

Well things are a little crazy behind the scenes here at Clares Place.  I have a quilt pattern in what I hope is 'final edit' stage and two other patterns in the works and have been enjoying time at the the sewing machine and hand quilting all the samples that go along with them.  I am drowning in my 'to do' list for market. 

I have also released 'Gridlock' on my website but need to do an 'official release' blog post and giveaway.  I made a baby Gridlock quilt that I want to show you but need to bind and photograph it to go with the post.   

Renovations are continuing at PJS Financial  Launceston office (sorry I still need to take photos to show you).

 My youngest has also just hit the terrible 2's in a big way (what is with all the screaming?!)  She is so much harder than my eldest :s  Oh and she is toilet training.

So I am just taking each day as it comes and trying to get better and make my way to the top of my 'to do list.

Stay tuned for a 'Gridlock' quilt pattern giveaway.

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