Monday, March 24, 2014


Hi there!  I wanted to pop in and let you all know I am still here.  After quilt market I felt I needed to take a step back from work and really spend some quality time with my girls. Unfortunately for me I also that step back ended up being bigger than intended because I ended up quite unwell.  I have low blood pressure which in and of itself is not a bad thing but I also ended up with extreamly low iron (like I'm talking quite a bit UNDER the lowest range you should be at.)  This meant I was ALWAYS tired and had 0 energy, had regular dizzy spells, found it very difficult to concentrate on everything and often felt faint.  I could easily sleep 12-14 hours through the night and still wake up tired despite also having a afternoon sleep through the day.  Because I was so low I had an iron infusion (double dose) and I instantly felt the difference in my energy levels. 

Now I am on the mend and trying to catch up on all the work I have missed so if I owe you an email I apologise I did try and keep on top of most of it but some may have slipped though.  You are more than welcome to email me again incase I have missed it.  I am sorry. 

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Jodie said...

Oh Clare, that sounds hideous. I am glad to hear you are on the mend but like a true mother I'll say - be kind to yourself and don't rush the recovery.

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