Thursday, September 16, 2010

Being A Mum

Being a mum can be quite challenging. There are times when you are tired of cleaning the cereal off the floor for the sixth time that day (the kidilock on the cupboard is useless because the day we put it on my princess figured out how to get her little fingers in the cupboard to pull the lever down and open it. Now she can open it faster than me!). There are times when you are tired of having a little one clinging to your legs every move you make and wont let you do anything but spend every minute with them – even when you are getting them food or the bath ready. And there are times you are sick of telling them off countless times in your day for climbing onto the bench and getting into the cutlery drawer or playing in the pins after removing the lid. BUT for all the times that you can feel overwhelmed and drained and feel like you need ‘me time’ when you get that time you realise how you could not live possibly be without them.

This is a photo of our princess after pinching Dads chocolate (occ) from the fridge. She actually had 3 chocolates until I took 2 off her. One in each hand and the last in her mouth!

I have been lucky enough to have three days away in Melbourne to be there when my brother and sister in law went through the temple for the first time. Hubby booked some lovely accommodation and treated me to a second honeymoon. And I was made aware of some lovely fabric stores I will stop by again next visit (mum and some friends recommended this one after buying up big). So while the break from the normal routine at home was wonderful, at the same time very bitter sweet.

We left our little princess with her grandparents (which she LOVED) but I found it very hard even just leaving her there. This was the first time I had been away from her for more than one night and to make it worse I was out of the state so I couldn’t just pick her up when I felt like it. I found myself constantly looking to the backseat of the car checking if she was ok only to be reminded that – she is fine, she is with her grandparents and having a great time.

Hide and seek at home with Mum.

I missed her cuddles, kisses, giggles and beautiful big smile. Although we were only apart for such a short time (3 days 3 nights) it really helped me appreciate just how special and important my role as mother, nurturer and carer is. I certainly would be lost without her in my life and can’t remember what I ever did without her.

So although being a mother can be so very tiring at times and there are days were you feel as though you have accomplished very little if you reflect on your day you may see that not every mess was cleaned but the time you spend together reading, playing, teaching and just being is so very precious and that is what makes motherhood so very rewarding. So how do I feel about being a mother – I “Wov” it!, (Chloe’s word for Love is “Wov” at the moment).

This was taken on the train at City Park.

(And for the record - Chloe didn’t miss me, she was far more happy to play with her cousins and grandparents than hug and kiss me. Kids are so resilient! Maybe I should have had some “occ” (chocolate ) :) to coax some cuddles and kisses from her?! )


Anna said...

Your comments are so true! Sometimes I feel like all I do is clean, discipline or change nappies. But there are such special moments that I need to make the most of cause kids grow up so fast!

Launceston Weeden Family said...

So well put Clare! For you those three days were for ever for Miss Chloe it was only a few hours!

Nettie's Blog said...

and your are the best mum....and she is one very special little princess...mmmmwwwhhhaaa XXXX

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