Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sneak Peek x 2

Most days I get so busy with all I have on that I forget to blog about all I am up to (or blogging is at the end of my to do list that is NEVER finished! :S ) I am flat out pattern writing and sewing and looking after our princess. At the moment I have so many projects on the go that I am starting to loose track of which one I am currently working on and what stage each is at. New projects are always being started and they tend to take priority and push others back but I do have a few patterns almost ready to be released.

Here is a few sneak peaks to show what I am working on and that I am still here.

The playgroup has just started back again which for our princess is really exciting. She LOVES the rollercoaster, cars, bikes and toy kitchen (the rollercoaster is the favourite by far!). This playgroup was especially exciting as there were two little visitors - cute little lambs. They were a hit with the children and while many of them are too young to want to hold them or chase them around (probably a good thing) most children were happy patting them.

This was taken by someone our princess didn't know so she was quite shy (and very tired too as she has had a nasty cough keeping her awake though the night)

So for now I best get back to completing ONE of my projects so I can show a finished one soon! :) Until then happy sewing!!!

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