Sunday, December 19, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I have been quite slack on Christmas posts this season - not because I haven’t put up the tree but mostly because I have found it difficult to get the ideas happening at the beginning of the month (when we all need them to get us pumped ready for Christmas). So to make up for it (poorly), I have decided to show you one of my latest loves - Wall Decals. Lets face it these are pretty versatile and a great way to change the aesthetics of your rooms with minimal effort and besides many people don’t have the time or space to put elaborate Christmas displays up – and how do you store it all at the end of the season especially the Christmas tree?

Well here are some great examples on Etsy of Christmas trees that I understand can be reused and take up next to no space (when in storage). Perfect right?! Especially if you rent!

LKS Trading Post

Wall Design

Circle Line Studio

Art Area

Mellow Yellow Decor

Willow Creek Signs

wiwicoco wall decal

I hope you are all on top of your Christmas preparations and have a wonderful Christmas!


Anna said...

I love these, perhaps I need to consider one next year! I am sick of picking up decorations all around the house!!

leeah said...

they're great! Half of our tree is naked- 2 year old keeps stripping the bottom half of decorations then he throws them down the hallway.

Valerie said...

I really like that first one!
I was looking at your blog and your etsy store. You are so creative! I am definitely not, but can appreciate your gift. I popped over here from Mormon Mommy Blogs

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