Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas in our family is quite a full week. We have quite a few family traditions (some old some new) and many memories and things to reflect on.

The 23rd of December has become a memorial dinner and a time for reflection as my grandmother passed away during our meal three years ago, a year later my grandfather passed away so for our family it is a time to reflect on their lives and the examples they set for us of hard work, education and kindness. I miss them greatly and particularly am saddened that our princess is not able to know her great grandparents but I know they would be proud of who we have become and what we have achieved.

The 24th of December Santa drives around my mothers suburb in a fire engine and throws out lollies to the kids as he passes by. The children all scramble to collect all the lollies and wave to him as he passes. Our princess doesn’t understand the need to collect all the lollies and is more than happy to start eating the first one she picks up (until she finishes it). After Santa has been, friends and family meet at my mums for slices and nibbles, Christmas stories and even some singing!

Christmas morning we had a yummy breakfast at our place (normally at mums) and we usually head to hubby’s parents for the rest of the day to catch up with the cousins. This year however most of hubby’s family were going to be away (visiting family) so we decided to have Christmas lunch at our house so our princess could play with her pressie from Santa (a swing set). It was a wonderful (casual) day! Our princess had a blast playing with her cousins, eating heaps of lollies and chocolates and getting as dirty and messy as she pleased as she wore her outdoor daggy clothes all day- yep no special clothes for her this year. But the main thing is she had fun, we had fun, we ate too much and we were able to catch up with the family on such a special day.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas this year too!


The Kings said...

That's the third person I know who got that swing set! Looks like a great day.

Clares Place said...

Gotta love the Target toy sale!

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