Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For the past year and a bit my twin sister has been in America working at “the happiest place on earth” - Disney World but last Wednesday she came back home! WOO HOOO, yes it is fair to say a was a little excited – OKAY MAYBE A LOT! To prepare for her return we have had the photos out trying to get our princess used to seeing her Aunty Jade, as she was only 1 when Aunty Jade left.. To begin with, when asked who was in the photos taken of Jade and I, Chloe would say “mummy” for both of us (we are identical but we don’t look identical!) Towards the end Our princess mostly had it sussed but I was still quite worried about how our princess would react when she saw her (whether she would completely freak at the sight of two of us) but all went well!

While a tad shy to begin with our princess still went to Aunty Jade and gave her cuddles and since then Chloe is Aunty Jades little shadow - if she leaves the room Chloe isn’t far behind calling “ade, ade, ade!”.

I am so happy to have her back in the country. I certainly feel much more at peace having her back (not that I ever realised that I was uneasy about her gone!) But there is defiantly a special bond that twins have. I often used to get asked “what’s it like being a twin?” And my reply would be “What’s it like not being a twin?” I have never known anything different to being a twin. Growing up we used to fight like cats and dogs, we shared a room until our we couldn’t agree on who’s mess was being made. Then I moved into a room mum had built into the garage and we found out who REALLY made the mess (you make up your own mind). But the best thing about being a twin is that you have someone who knows you so well they can finish almost all your sentences (which I must say for me is also a disadvantage as I can be a bit vague because I am so used to having someone know what I am talking about by a look or a few words). We are not twins that can feel each others pain (THANK GOODNESS!!!) But we are the type of twins that get very defensive if either one of us is in trouble or going through a tough time. We are the type of twins that have each others back and care for each other deeply but if you ask us “What it is like to be a twin?” – we will probably ask you “what’s it like not being a twin?” And if I am ever a bit vague – now you know why!


Launceston Weeden Family said...

Welcome back Jade! Great post Clare, glad that Chloe was able to suss the twin aunty mummy thing out early, maybe better than some adults that can't tell the difference!!!

lila Braga said...

welcome back Jade! glad all is well for both of you!

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