Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Thank you hardly seems adequate at this time.  Thanks for all those who have visited my blog and participated in my auction to raise money for the queensland floods. 
The winning bid was by Sharyn who said...I am raising my bid to $100. Sharyn
So a HUGE thanks to Sharyn!  Please contact me with your proof of your donation to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal so I can post your winnings shortly!

I am so very humbled and grateful for all the support given to this cause.  Although I was not affected directly I could certainly empathise will those who have been affected either by loss of property or far worse the loss of a loved one.  While the money raised might make a small difference, it can't compensate for the loss of a loved one, but it may uplift those down in spirit and help them to know they are inportant and there are people out there who care about their loss.

If you have missed out on this or any other auctions being run at this time just remember there are still raffles being held at the moment on Toni's blog or you can donate directly to the Permier's Flood Relief Appeal or participate in the quilts for queensland appeal or make a softie or doll to participate in either the queensland flood appeal dolly drive or hope softies appeal. 

This last weeks lack of blogging has ment lots has happened!  I have been working on a few new designs and tutorials and have some other projects.  Keep checking back for what has been happening at Clares Place. 

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