Monday, February 14, 2011

My Creative Space + Beach 'fun'

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This weekend has been lovely and relaxing catching up and staying with family in Port Sorell.  Our princess went 'swimming' at the beach.  The water was FREEZING and she didn't go in far, we built a few sandcastles until I uncovered some of the soldier crabs and she quickly climbed on "ma's" (grandma's) lap not wanting to put her feet on the ground (she is petrified of them and usually wont walk on the sand where there are holes from them digging hiding places but this time after realising the little crabs were there she would not put her feet on the sand in fear of them!).  When we moved she would cling from me with her little legs tucked up under her so she would not have to put her feet on the sand where the scary crabs are.  Unfortunately (true to form) I forgot to take the camera so I didn't take any photos.  SORRY! :s

 On another note you may remember that I have recently been painting my sewing/craft room. Here are some photos of my creative space so far (It does still have quite some way to go before it is complete!).  In the photo above you can see my sewing desk, pressing station and ideas boards.  The photo below shows my messy fabric collection (mostly stored in the tub) and other craft projects on the go at the moment on the shelves.  The cork board was a garage sale find and was going to be covered in white felt to use as an ideas board for my quilting blocks however I think it will be far too small so I will need to get a MUCH larger one.  The desk below the bookshelf is my cutting station.  I have been given two dressers my grandfather made and I am going to paint them up red to go in this space to store my fabric stash and crafting supplies (I may then put a board on top of these to make a new table if they are not deep enough for my cutting).  So as you can see my creative space is quite basic but it is what works for me at this time.     
If you look really closely you can see three of my current projects on the go at the moment just looking to be bound (more sneak peaks later :p ).  What do you think of my creative space?  What does yours look like? 

I hope you have had a chance to do some crafting and sewing this weekend! 

EDIT: Blue Paint Colour is Haymes - G05 Delphi W, White Paint Colour is Dulux - Off White 


Cullis Family said...

Love the blue wall. What is the colour called?

Charlotte said...

This looks great Clare. I can't wait to have our own home/ spare room so I can create 'my' space.

Nettie's Blog said...

love it...inspiringly fresh and bright...cant wait to see those dressers painted red as well.

Aimee said...

looks cool clare, great job!... sure beats half a computer desk, kitchen table and wherever else I can find an clear area ;)

meggie is scared of crabs too

Helen said...

Looks great Clare! I would just love a space like this to call my own - one day it will happen....

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