Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sam and Ty’s Garden Reception.

I know I have been SUPER SLACK in writing about the wonderful garden wedding reception for Sam and Ty  but what can I say that hasn’t already been said here, here, here and here?  This girl is awesome!  I have known Sam for quite some time but it was when I was her young woman’s leader that I really got to know just how wonderful she really is (I’m totally bias and love all the girls I had in yw!).  Sam is such an easy going, fun & confident person who loves music, red umbrellas with white dots and is a very talented artist (not to mention she loves kids and is very kind and giving)!  So I knew we would be in for a treat and we were not disappointed. 

Sam had a beautiful relaxed garden reception complete with dress-up’s for the kids, jars for drinking from, music (including singing from Sam and two of her sisters in law) yummy food handmade quilts for sitting on and a photo booth. 

We had a lovely time.  Our princess had a blast following her cousins around and we loved catching up with friends and family. 

Thanks Sam and Ty (okay mostly Sam- decorating is not a guy thing) for organising such a beautiful night and allowing us to share this special time with you both!

Photos from Chrish and Lisa

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