Thursday, March 31, 2011

'Best Friends' - New Quilt Pattern

Introducing... 'Best Friends'.

This quilt is especially dear to me as the quote describes the relationship my twin sis and I have together-

Everyone has a special friend, someone who is always there when times get tough and who knows you better than anyone else. This quilt was designed for my best friend who is always looking out for me, and who knows me so well that she can sing 'the song in (my) heart' back to me when I 'have forgotten the words'.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Kate Spain Central Park fabric range and have been getting into using jellyrolls of late so I had to use the Kate Spain Jelly roll in this quilt. I think the colours are so fun and cheerful! The quilt features an embroidered panel and raw edge appliqué allowing you to have fun with a variety of quilting techniques.

And why not use some of the jellyroll off cuts to make a cute backing for your quilt?

'Best Friends' is on display at Esmes in Kings Meadows.  Jellyrolls/fabrics are available at Esmes (fabric and jellyroll), Patchworks Plus (jellyroll) and The Oz Material Girls (fabric)   

Fabrics: Central Park by Kate Spain


Cullis Family said...

Love this pattern Clare, very groovy!!

Nettie's Blog said...

went past Esme's today and it is in the front window...looks should sell heas of this pattern.

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