Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gorge Floods

Last night we headed to the Gorge to check out the flood waters and were quite surprised by what we saw.  The water was well above anything we had seen before and it had not yet reached its peak!  Eeek.  Here are some photos from our visit to the Gorge last night.

And this morning at 8am this is what you could see.  Looks like it peaked earlier.

This is what you will normally see



Aimee said...

wowee!! I'm yet to see the gorge like that.

not long 'til Niche :) :)... I would have liked to drop in but we'll be in Hobart for our nephew's baptism on Saturday. I'll be hanging out to see your pics. All the best- you will do great!

Nic said...

Clare, thank you so much for sponsoring Sew it Together! I won your pattern collection in the draw and I am sooooo excited! I've been eyeing off your patterns for a while so I was very chuffed to get my paws on them :) Thanks again!

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