Friday, March 4, 2011

To Market, To Market

Exciting news!  I am off to market!!!  Niche to be exact.  I was accepted for the April 1st and 2nd market in Launceston and I am super excited.   Niche is a fantastic market that supports disabled Tasmanians and their families by having stall holders pay 20% of all sale proceeds towards St Giles.  So by making a purchase at Niche you not only support the local crafting community but you help those in need to!  I hope I can make a difference in a small way to the families and carers of these beautiful people (they are such great examples to me because they have so much love and patience for those they care for). 

I have been painting and packaging and feel I am pretty much on top of things for the market.

I now just have some baby onesies to appliqué and I think I am good to go (fingers crossed)!  I am seriously nervous :s!  It is my first "proper" market and I am stressing whether I will have enough stock - or too much?!  I guess the only way to know is go and find out.  (My made it store won't be re-stocked until after Niche) 

Hope you are having fun sewing and crafting!


The Kings said...

Awesome Clare!! That's very exciting and for a GREAT cause! :) Hope it goes really well for you. I say you can never have enough stock, and if you do, then you have lots for next time :)

Nettie's Blog said...

that is just great news Claire... you will do really well... i wish you the best and big dollars in sales...

Helen said...

How exciting Clare! What a great fundraising idea too!

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