Monday, April 18, 2011

Bit of a 'Citrus Pop'

Last weekend while visiting family I was able to catch up with my very talented friend Toni from Make it Prefect.  Now I am sure she needs no introduction what so ever but for those who haven't heard of her she writes clothing sewing patterns geared towards beginning sewers.  Having made a few things (sweet dreams, slumber party jammies, flipsy and the versatile wrap ) from her patterns I can tell you they are very easy to follow and many can be whipped up in an (uninterrupted) afternoon.  Toni has also written a book published by Penguin books and she and her sister Carli organised and ran the Queensland Flood Relief Auctions (her sister Carli has such an engaging writing style - she is so very talented at what she does too!) 
Toni's latest venture has been into jewelry making (along side her pattern writing and parenting - she is one super organised lady!) and when she came to check out the Niche Market I was at she was sporting one of her newest creations from the citrus pop range and I just had to have it!  (I must admit since her sneak peek I had been secretly waiting for the arrival of these new styles).  So I put in my order and last week was able to pick it up.  I love how bright and fun this necklace is while the delicate lace and tiny flowers give it a feminine touch.

Toni also surprised me with a set of earrings in my favourite colour.  Does she know me or what?!  Since I got my cute little package it has been my new go-to necklace and I have had HEAPS of comments from people telling me how they love my necklace - many of them were random people I don't know like the lady at the supermarket checkout ;p.  Just goes to show how cool this necklace is!  Plus because it has so many colours it can go with just about every outfit.  

(for the record I hate having my photo taken - I don't feel I am a good subject)

If you would like to buy one of these necklaces or any other of her beautiful Citrus Pop creations head on over to her Made It Store or Etsy Store and get yourself one (or maybe a few!).

Here are a few other Citrus Pop goodies I am loving at the moment (all in my Fav. colour ;p ) :

Lace 'n' Flowers Pendant necklaces.  I'm thinking blue with a red and a white flower what do you think? - not sure if it is possible though!
   Etsy / Made It

And these delicate little Guava Juice earrings

Lovin' the Oceanside Bobby Pins / Hair Slides

and Oceanside II Bobby Pins/ Hair slides

and lastly this beautiful Oceanside Necklace
Bet ya want to get some Citrus Pop goodness now!  For those of you wanting to get yourself a Make it Perfect Pattern on sale check out my Etsy store before they sell out!!!

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