Friday, April 15, 2011


I love bargains - lets face it who doesn't?!  I must admit that these days I really don't enjoy shopping as it always takes a few hours and with a child in toe anything more than 1 hour (on a very good day) is pushing it.  Usually if I want to get the shopping done I have to bribe her with treats just to be able to get through the shopping list and many times I have to go back a second day to complete the list.  I have come to LOVE stores that cater to children - you know the ones that have the toys for them to play with in a visible place so you can shop and keep an eye on them at the same time!  Since having Chloe I really don't go clothing shopping for me and if I do go out to get clothes for me I always end up going into the kids stores and getting something for Chloe. 

On the weekend my mother in law surprised me with two new maternity tops she bought on sale (awesome right - new clothes and I didn't have to take Chloe into a store!). 

Check out the price $1 each!  "You can't buy the fabric and make it for that price!" (Something my grandmother used to say when she had found a bargain)

 Although I didn’t buy them I still get excited when I hear of others super buys.  For the record my favourite place to shop in America (aside from fabric stores) is at the Ross' stores - the only thing I can think of to compare them to are our Dimmey’s stores in Australia but Dimmey's is not nearly as good!  To give you an idea of some things you can get at Ross stores you can get brand name (nike, etnies etc) kids shoes for under $10, books, toys and clothing all less than 1/2 price (often even cheaper).  Only catch is that you have no idea what each store will stock. 

What I would like to know is if you have scored a bargain lately?  I'd love to hear about it!


booqiboutique said...

WOW thats an amazing bargain! Any cheaper and they would've been free. Congrats on the bubba :) Jess

Cullis Family said...

Awesome bargain so glad I got some too!!

Charlotte said...

Hey Clare,
I got the same two tops also, though I got mine for .50c each!
Please note I AM NOT PREGNANT! Just thought I would get them ready for next time, at that price, why not! haha
Hope you are feeling much better now.xx

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