Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A New Cousin for Chloe

On Saturday (9th April) my sister in law gave birth to the beautiful Charlotte Faye who weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces.  I hear her brother and sister are still adjusting to having a new baby in the house and are not thrilled with all the crying and noise she makes ;p.  We are VERY blessed to have a large extended family with lots of cousins for Chloe to play with.  It will be Christmas before we will meet this precious little one.

This years Christmas get together will be extra exciting for Chloe because she will meet Charlotte and catch up with her other 2 "mainland cousins"along with all her other cousins including a brand new cousin due not long after her brother or sister.  Yep my sister in Law Anna is pregnant and due a couple of weeks after me.  She is one of those pregnant women those of us who suffer morning sickness are jealous of - she doesn't get morning sickness at all (though her energy levels go down).  Told you you would be jealous ;p  Though I must say the morning sickness wasn't as bad for me when I had the miscarriage as it is now so I am grateful for yucky morning sickness because it is a constant reminder of the precious little one growing inside me.  I am grateful for new cousins that can grow up together, play together, support and help each other learn and grow.  I am especially grateful that some of Chloe's cousins are so close in age and so excited that Anna and I can share the pregnancy process together.  Congratulations Anna we can't wait to have a new addition to our extended family.      


Cullis Family said...

We are so blessed to have numerous cousins for our kids. Christmas is going to be awesome!! :)

PS. Sorry I don't suffer morning sickness!!

Nic said...

She's beautiful! And congratulations on your pregnancy :) I had two miscarriages before having my second son so I know how completely heartbreaking it is and also how you hang onto that morning sickness for all it's worth! I hope you have a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy :)

Nettie's Blog said...

that is great news for you all....a huge family that actually gets together and loves getting together whats more..... how blessed indeed...PS..hope you are over that morning sickness sooooooonn.

Nikki said...

big congrats to you guys!! sorry I am late off the mark! So awesome you can share the pregnancy with Anna too. nothing better than lots of cousins and a big family bond!! :)
I hope the "MS' (I dont even like saying the words! haha!) eases for you as soon as possible. Thinking of you xx

RobynK said...

I had morning sicknes with both my girls but my son I was just a little queasy so at least I could eat breakfast. Hope it passes soon and just restricts itself to mornings only.
My eldest DD turned 23 on the 9th April this year, how time flies!

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