Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Easter and Anzac Day

I am still playing catch-up around here.  Chloe is still not well, neither is hubby and me - well I have some good days that are spent cleaning and catching up on the day to day running of things at home as well as a little bit of business sewing/ pattern writing etc.  So with that said I am VERY late in posting about our Easter but still wanted to share.
A common site at our place of late.  Chloe is pretending to be sick  and needs a bowl every time I am unwell stating : "Doey not feel well" then makes sick noises into the bowl.  

Easter for our family is about remembering what our Saviour did for us, spending time with family and relaxing.  Easter Sunday we had a lovely day at church -  I even took photos of Chloe before we left  because I have been so slack taking photos of her of late and Sundays are dress up days for us :).  I was quite proud of myself for remembering to take the photos before she got dirty but you can see she really isn't looking very well :s. 
Our Easter bunny didn't come until Monday because I didn't want Chloe to have a sugar crash while at church (and she was already grisly without the need of any sugar).  So Sunday night we set up the goodies - with the trail and "bunny fluff" (you know the cotton wool balls pulled apart ;p) in our lounge, shut the door and left a bucket and one small egg out in the hallway for when she woke.  It was so exciting (for me) when she woke, I could hear her rustling the egg wrapper and it was gone in a matter of seconds (what can I say her parents LOVE chocolate so she takes after us well :s)  Then soon after she came into our room and declared excitedly "Chocolate eggs!" and ran back out to the hallway pointing through the glass door to the trail.  This year she did a fantastic job of collecting all the eggs in her bucket and was more interested in trying to count them all after collecting them (last year she started feasting on the first one she came to and wasn't worried about the others melting in the sun).

Early in the morning it was still quite dark and the camera settings were clearly not set correctly!

My all time favourite Easter eggs - what is yours?
  I must also add that while Chloe collected the eggs she has not been able to eat them all! - that is our job as parents to "help" her with ;p  After the Easter trail we headed out to Deloraine for the Anzac Day march and ceremony to remember those who have and continue to fight for the freedom we enjoy each and every day because of their sacrifice.
Waiting for the march
 One of our nieces was marching in her school group and another niece was sharing a poem she had written in the ceremony which she did fantastically!  Later we headed out to My sister in law's for what has become a traditional family get together, as there are a lot of birthdays in April for our family.

All in all our Easter week was a wonderful time of reflecting, remembering, spending time together and enjoying far too much chocolate :s

Edit:  Chloe's skirt was made using Make it Perfect's Flipsy Sewing pattern and Amy Butler Lotus fabric.

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