Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Shared Birthday

Growing up my sister and I always longed to be individuals (we were the kids dressed in the same outfit or the same outfit - but in different colours).  Being twins we were so often compared to each other and people assumed we had the same interests/talents (lucky for us mum made sure we were in separate classes growing up so teachers didn't compare us).  Because we were so often considered to be the same and had to share EVERYTHING growing up we felt strongly that we should have separate birthday parties - our friends did so  "Why not us?".  We longed to be different to each other.   This was not always financially possible (mum and dad split when we were young so mum was our provider) but mum always tried her best to make our birthday special for each of us - often this meant two different decorated birthday cakes (how did mum cope?!)  These days we are content with who we are and no longer care if we are compared to each other and are more than happy to not have separate parties on our birthday (and in fact are more than happy not to have a party and all the fuss but content to just spend time together).

My Sister with Chloe (me being me didn't take many photos and this was the best! :s ) 
 This year for our birthday Mum - being mum (always selfless and hard working) couldn't let our birthday go by without doing something and sent hubby a text early on the morning of our birthday asking if it was OK to come and cook breakfast at our house to celebrate our birthday.  20 mins after the text mum was cooking bacon and scrambled eggs, had croissants heated and iced the marble cupcakes she had made earlier in the morning.  It was a lovely casual breakfast that was "lishious" (Chloe's word for delicious)  My sis and mum had work so they headed off soon after we had finished eating (mum had the dishes done).

The rest of my birthday was quite relaxed. Chloe and I watched some TV and snuggled on the couch reading books for most of the day (it was raining so outside activities weren't an option).


For dinner Sam took me out to tea to my new favourite restaurant and my sis came over to babysit Chloe while we were out (Lucky for my sis loves playing with Chloe and didn't mind babysitting on her birthday).  Sam and I had the most delicious 3 course meal at the Black Cow Bistro.  Every dish we ordered was incredible!  Sam also bought me my favourite perfume - Joop and apparently when hubby took Chloe shopping for a present for me and asked her she wanted to get me she apparently thought for a bit and then said "chocolate rabbit".  Chocolate -  does this girl know me or what?!  (the fact that she suggested a rabbit was because of all the Easter chocolate out.  She ended up getting me a humpty dumpty egg.  All in all I had  a perfect birthday.  I was able to spend time with the family and go on a fancy date with hubby.  What more could a girl want?! 

PS.  Thanks to everyone for all your texts, emails and facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday!


Rachel Hauser said...

Happy Belated birthday! Your mom sounds amazing - two birthday cakes - wow! And thanks for your understanding on the award =)

make it perfect said...

Sounds like you had a great day Clare! Happy birthday xxx

Leanne said...

How nice your mum came to cook breakfast for you, I hope you had a great birthday

Cullis Family said...

Hope you had an awesome day!

Aimee said...

totally get the twin thing... now, as an adult I wish I could be with nik every day!
Happy birthday to you and Jade- sounds like it was a great birthday! :)

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