Monday, June 6, 2011

Ask me what I did on Saturday night!

Showing us where the problem was.
Saturday was our wedding anniversary but as hubby has been so busy with work we decided not to go out and celebrate until later.  This really was actually a good thing because as it turns out our princess had stuffed something up her nose that ended up needing medical attention.  She has had a runny nose for a little while now (I put it down to the cold/fever she had when those nasty back teeth were breaking through) but after her bath I decided to have a look and see if there was anything causing the runny nose.  Sure enough I could see something up her right nostril so off we headed to the hospital to get her checked out.  (Yes I felt/ feel like the worse mum in the world for not picking it up as soon as it happened but she NEVER EVER said anything about it.  No mention of a hurting nose, no pointing, NOTHING - and she does usually let us know if something is hurting her).  So anyway we get to the hospital and get her checked out - yep there is something in there just don't know what.  So we get taken to the main part of the hospital (out of emergency) so they can try getting it out.  Our princess was a little angel and very good and didn't start crying until after the 7th attempt to remove it ( who wouldn't be upset having more things put up your nose!).  I was then asked to give Chloe a 'special kiss' to blow out the object by covering he other nostril and blowing in her mouth as hard as possible.  Well that was an experience and a half and left the nurses with a wonderful story!  Because of all the attempts getting the object out of her nose it was bleeding so after blowing in her mouth I was sprayed with blood and well you can imagine what else - but no object.  Chloe after having me give her the 'special kiss' and seeing the mess on my face gave me the strangest look and the nurses - well they didn't know what to laugh at Chloe's face or mine!  Anyway the long and the short of it we were taken back into emergency to put her in a sleep like state to remove the object  (the support equipment needed if something goes wrong was not in the other room).  They ended up having to get the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to come and remove it once the drugs had taken effect.The doctor and nurses were all so very lovely and made the whole experience much easier for Chloe and us as her parents.  We had to wait at the hospital until the drugs had worn off in case she had any adverse side effects, so about 6 hours later we got home close to midnight.

One nurse made Chloe a fish from a glove to occupy her.  Simba came to help Chloe be brave and was great for extra cuddles!
  The doctor was able to remove what looks like a small rubber heart (no photo sorry) that would have been quite an effort to get up there (it is much larger than her nostril) and quite uncomfortable - totally surprised Chloe never mentioned anything! 

All photos were taken during the recovery lookin' good hey?!
 Lesson learned:  Not to put things into our nose or ears and for me - I have been checking her nose every day since just to be sure!  Always just check :s!  At least we got to spend our wedding anniversary together as a family ;)


make it perfect said...

oh no! what an event!! glad it all turned out okay in the end...and happy anniversary!

(tommy has had a runny nose for about a week...i'm paranoid now, will have to check him out in the morning!!!)

Cullis Family said...

oh Chloe! Glad to hear you're all better.

Launceston Weeden Family said...

Poor Chloe and poor mum and dad! Glad things worked out and she was her happy self on Sunday. I did the same thing when I was a kid and my parents suffered the same fate taking me to to the hospital, wonder why kids love shoving things in noses and ears! Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

ooops! Hattie used to do that a lot when she was little... she loved little things in her hand all the time. I remember a tiny teacup stuck up her nose!!!! XChelsea

Nettie's Blog said...

OH NO... poor little Princess..what a brave little girl she was... Happy Anniversary you two special people....lets hope the year is a good one for you more dramas...

Stitchin' time said...

Oh dear, a parent needs at least 3 pairs of eyes to keep an eye on a child! Love your positive attitude that at least you were together as a family on your wedding anniversary.
Glad it all worked out ok, even if you didn't have much sleep there apparently were some funny moments to remember!

Leanne said...

Hello Clare
well thats an anniversary story that you will remember for years. Glad Chloe is OK.

melandpeter said...

hahaha. Great story to reminisce about as a family. I remember when my Nana was babysitting us and Reuben was really young and got something stuck in his nose and was crying. Nan and I didn't know what to do. 4 year old Simeon just casually said "get him to blow his nose". He did, and thankfully it worked. Funny that the 4 year old was calm and knew what to try though!
Glad it's all over for you guys.

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