Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Blue Sewing Machine?!

Hubby is flat out with work at the moment and had to go to work today (Saturday) to try and catch up on some jobs.  When he came home he asked if we felt like going for a drive with him to see a client out at Longford.  I agreed as I have been wanting to go to the tip shop out there for quite some time to look for some furniture to revamp.  Unfortunately I was unable to find anything worth doing up however this little beauty was outside and looking for a home. 

The lady told me "apparently it works" but I didn't buy it for its sewing ability - I just love the style and (of course) colour of the machine and thought it would be perfect for a quilt photo shoot or two.  I have not yet plugged it in to check if it works, it needs a clean and smells musty but I am very pleased with my buy!

This is my second 'old machine' now and upon leaving the tip shop hubby said he didn't mind me collecting them.  Yeah for me!  That means I can get more if I want but am doubting I will unless I find one like my grandmas old one that my Aunty now owns.  Is anyone interested in seeing my other 'old sewing machine?  Its a singer apparently over 100 yrs old but I can tell you its story later if anyone is interested?!    

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Rebecca said...

love it - yeah tell the story - as kids we had an old pedal sewing machine that lived on the verandah - I actually thin k my nan may have used it!

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