Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Table Makeover

There has not been much sewing going on here of late.  Chloe has been getting one of those horrid back teeth and been miserable all last week (there was a few good hours here and there but mostly I was needed for cuddles 24/7).  This week she has perked up quite a bit and I have been allowed to catch up on emails, housework and some pattern writing (nothing to show as yet sorry - more on that later). 

With that said I do have something to share (just not sewing related sorry).  Our dining table!  I decided to repaint this table because it had become quite scratched over the years of use and moving (it was a hand me down) and decided the finish needed to allow for more bumps and scratches while being bright and clean at the same time hence the shabby/ country look.

Table Makeover Tutorial

Wooden table

Sander (I used a hand sander but orbital sanders are better!)
80 grit sandpaper
Extension cord
White Paint (water based, low sheen)
Paint tray
8mm woollen roller (I used both a large and small roller)
Small paint brush (for details on your table)
Vaseline (petroleum jelly)
Spray varnish
Dust mask

Step 1.
Sand back table to remove all varnish (use sander according to manufacturer’s instructions)

Step 2
Smear Vaseline thinly on random places on the timber (the darker patches in the photo below).  The vaseline will make the sanding back much easier later and will leave the finished piece with random places where paint is removed. (If you don’t wish to have larger areas of timber exposed as I have I suggest applying the Vaseline AFTER your first coat of paint.)

Step 3.
Mix/stir paint to ensure it is all combined correctly in tin. Pour paint into paint tray. Using paint roller and/or paint brush apply 2-3 coats of paint (you will need to wait for each coat to dry before applying another layer)

Step 4.
Sand back the paint in random places as desired particularly on edges and corners as these generally get worn first.  I recommend hand sanding so that you don’t remove more paint than you want.  Once sanded wipe table with a damp cloth to remove excess dust.

Step 5
Spray table with clear varnish to seal and you are all done! Now go and enjoy your new/old table! ;p

Now I just have to do the chairs!  Only problem is that I can't decide on the colour :s!  Pale blue, each a different colour or all white hmmmmmmmmmm decisions decisions. 


RobynK said...

That looks great and as I've recently acquired a pre-loved sewing cabinet that needs tidying up, minor modifications to suit my machine and a new look you've given me inspiration :).
Now if the rain would just go away!

Cullis Family said...

Looks great, I love the rustic look!

Charlotte said...

Oooh I love it Clare. Jake also did the same thing to our dining table a few months ago. Love that the table is round, very chic.

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