Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guest Posting at Me Sew Crazy

Hi All,  Today I am so very excited to be "blogsitting" at Me Sew Crazy sharing a Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial (I needed some new ones with baby number two due in 11 weeks). 
If you haven't you meet Jessica from Me Sew Crazy you need to go and check out her blog - like right now (Make sure you have a couple of spare hours to take in all of her amazing things.  But please come back, I love visitors.)  
I am sure you will agree - she is one super talented lady - just check out her incredible list of tutorials (most of which are cute outfits she has made for her princess).  Below are a few of my Fav's! 
Jessica has just had a baby and reached out for blogsitters while she readjusts to life with a new bub in the house.  For those of us who have been blessed with children you will know just how much love, cuddles, energy and time they take up - but who would trade it for anything.  With all this happening blogging can be the last thing you feel like (or have the time) to do so I am grateful for the opportunity I have to guest post my burp cloth tutorial while Jessica spends time with her new little man. 

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So glad to have found your blog. Great stuff!

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