Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Gift From Grandma

Chloe is very blessed with two very talented Grandmas that make her wonderful handmade gifts to enjoy.  Last week we were surprised with this beautiful knitted cardi and Chloe just loves it!  These photos were taken the first time she wore it on an overcast day (I will have to take some more later of better quality)  Chloe loves her new cardi so much that even when it was in the wash it made its way back out and on her (inside out mind you) and was worn around the house with Chloe saying "my grandma made me dis!".
Knitting is not something I have done since I was a kid with my grandma but after seeing this I really should relearn all I have forgotten (which is everything) - one day. 

Thank you for such a wonderful surprise Grandma! 

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Cullis Family said...

It's lovely! Imogen got a mauve one and she wore it playgroup last week - the teacher loved it so much I had to get her the pattern!

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