Saturday, October 8, 2011

A New Addition to the Family

Sorry for my blogging absence!  I have a very good excuse - promise.  Our family recently welcomed another beautiful girl -
Sarah Nahla

Contractions started Sunday and she was born late Sunday night weighing 7lb 3oz and is a very healthy and happy baby.  Lucky for me the nurses thought I was doing pretty well so I was able to be home the following afternoon (Monday). 

Sarah sleeps well - only problem is she has needed the constant contact when she does sleep so hubby and I have been taking shifts which leaves us both super tired but all part of having a newborn.  Chloe has been finding it tough to adjust to sharing her parents but is getting better.  We bought Chloe a present from baby Sarah - her own baby to look after which has been thrown to the ground a few times along with "I don't like my baby" usually when Sarah is getting some attention. 

Although Cloe does get a little jealous she still loves her sister and often strokes Sarah saying "it's awright" even when Sarah isn't crying and asks "let me hold him!" and calls Sarah baby George (the baby of a friend) ;p. 

I will try and post more regularly as I now have a new computer (and HEAPS to blog about!) - although with a new baby and trying to get into a routine I can't make any promises. 


Nettie's Blog said...

she is adorable and i am waiting to come and visit..will call monday.... cant wait to have a huggle with Princess Chloe first then a cuddle with baby

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait till December when we can have a cuddle. Sarah already has lots more hair than Charlotte!

Kayla Christie said...

congrats guys!! xx

Stitchin' time said...

Congratulations! She's a cutie and a great excuse for time wasting :).

make it perfect said...

Beautiful Clare! Good luck settling into life with two and especially for Chloe...sounds like she is taking it pretty tough poor little darling.
So happy for you guys :)

The Kings said...

Oh she is so beautiful! Congratulations guys. We are so, so happy for you. xxxx

Aimee said...

welcome little sarah! she is gorgeous... congratulations to all of you. x

Launceston Weeden Family said...

How cute is Sarah, congratulations guys, cant wait to meet the little bundle. Hope that things settle into a routine soon and that you can all get some almost real sleep soon :)

Sarah said...

I was only thinking of you the other day!
CONGRATULATIONS! She is SO beautiful Clare! And, LOVE the name.... Means Pricess you know?!
x Sarah

Maxine said...

Hi Clare and Sam and Chloe a big Welcome to baby Sarah - what long fingers she has a piano player for sure I love the hair she is just perfect cant wait to have a hold Love Auntie Max Uncle Mike Sezza, Dozer mwahh xxx

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