Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Life at Clares Place at the moment is pretty crazy - I had forgotten just how little sleep you get with a new born in the house (I'm exhausted).

To top it off Chloe has an ear infection and fever and is in need of constant attention and not sleeping well either - this has been a blessing in some ways as she doesn't have the energy to do much and is less disagreeable.  Fingers crossed she gets better soon and her 2 year old attitude stays away also. 

But as with many things the good far exceeds the bad and some sleepless nights are so worth having these two precious princesses in my life!


shelley said...

Congratulations to you and your family Clare, your two girls are adorable. Make the most of this precious time,it goes so fast.

Nettie's Blog said...

just priceless that last pic and that crazy little sticker princess is adorable...i hope she is feeling much better now...I knw she was excited for me to come visit but she wasn't her usual self when i came over the other day....sing out if you need a days break i will come over for a Chloe playdate day...name the day!!!!!

The Kings said...

They are so beautiful. Hope you start getting some sort of decent sleep soon.

miamihoney said...

Congrats! I can only imagine how busy you are with two,best wishes!

Stitchin' time said...

I had my first 2 babies 19 months apart and know how tiring it can be. They are 23 and almost 22 now :). Enjoy them but make sure you have at least 1/2 an hour a day to just sit and think or do something for yourself while you have an enjoyable beverage. Note - thinking is not to be anything to do with babies as this is your personal time out :P! The girls will likely be best mates as they grow up. Mine are and they are opposite genders.

Charlotte said...

Congrats to you all. Sarah is adorable. That last picture is the cutest! I hope Chloe is feeling better soon and you all get some sleep. xxx

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