Friday, October 14, 2011

Remembering Noah

Yesterday was a very special day for us.  We had the privilege of being able to attend the funeral of one special little man called Noah who was born with hydranencephaly (read about his story here)

As a teenager babysitting for the Kings I remember holding him as a precious Little baby knowing that his life would be short and thinking of the pain and sadness that he would bring.  Spending time with him brought an incredible sense of love and appreciation of how precious and special life is.  Noah was one who could bring out the best in people and bring them closer together.  At one carols by candlelight he even helped in part to bring my wonderful husband and I together.

This precious boy touched so many lives and helped them to feel an incredible sense of love without even saying a word.  The service was such a lovely and uplifting experience.  His parents and brothers shared such wonderful memories of his life with us that made our hearts ache and smile at the same time. 

I always thought Noah chose his family because he knew they would be so incredibly strong, caring and loving to him but at the service I came to the realisation of just how blessed the Kings were to have him in there life.  He taught them - and all around him such beautiful lessons of love, compassion, service and humility which was evident by the amount of people in attendance at the funeral.

I know he will be terribly missed but we take comfort knowing he is free from his earthly body and the trials it caused him.  I love you Noah.  Thanks for the privilege of knowing you.

Photos from Lisa King Photography blog and the The Kings blog

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The Kings said...

Thanks for such a lovely post Clare. We will never forget the kindness you showed to us when Noah was a baby. We were so grateful to have that time just as a couple, when things were very hard.

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