Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photos with Santa

Today I had I large list of things to do planned - you know, last minute Christmas presents, Christmas food shopping so I can make some yummy treats (if the ingredients get bought too early they get eaten before they are made into their intended recipes) and photos of the girls taken with Santa (A first for both my girls - slack mum :s ).

Of all the things on my to do list only one got done - photos with Santa because by the time we finally got a photo taken, my girls were well and truly over shopping. 

We started out the day at a local shopping centre where we arrived 20 minutes before Santa was due to make his appearance so we went shopping for 10 minutes before heading back to see a line had formed (we were the fifth in line).  How long do you think it took us to get to the front of the line?  By the time we had our photo taken we had been waiting 50 minutes!!!  During our wait Sarah fell asleep and Chloe got upset (literally 5 minutes before her turn) while I was calming her down (promising a kinder egg) mum had Sarah resting on her bag strap and ended up having a red mark right across her forehead that was clearly not going to go in the next few minutes before the photo.  So we had our photo taken (the red mark clearly visible on the camera screen) and I left frustrated that we didn't get a usable photo but not before heading to the supermarket for the promised egg.

Next stop was Harvey Norman only to rock up and find Santa had packed up last week!  Seriously?!  Off to Myer we went - fingers crossed that Santa would still be there.  We walked up and ...Yippee Yay, Yippee Yay (as Chloe says) Santa was there and the wait - less than 5 minutes.  Stoked!!!  

So the final photo:

Do you like how I edited it?!  Well I will show you how to make a page just like this a little later using some really fantastic software I have been playing with.  Stay tuned as I will be hosting a giveaway for this software next month :)

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Nice Photo and I love the scrapbooking too.

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