Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Hearts are Breaking

The other night we received some terrible news that I am still in complete and utter shock about.  So please excuse my jumbled words because at this time my thoughts are not clear and words really cannot express how I feel.  And truly - what can a person say?  No words seem adequate at this time. 

You see my lovely friend Lisa lost her husband and best friend Aaron who was a wonderful person and father to their boys.  This in and of it's self is devastating to all who knew Aaron but for him to pass less then four months after the loss of her son is incomprehensible!  My heart truly aches for Lisa and the boys.

Aaron was such a kind and gentle person always sharing a joke.  He was a great leader, teacher and and example.  All who knew him are all the better for it.  He helped teach me how to teach (I was fortunate enough to be trained by him on my 3rd year teaching prac ).  In the classroom there was nothing else like him.  He loved each of his students unconditionally and genuinely wanted the very best for them - and expected it.  The students all knew of his love and concern for them no matter who they were.  As a father he was gentle and kind and you could tell by the way he treated his boys just how much he truly loved them.  As a husband he treated Lisa with such love and devotion and was always helping with the difficult jobs (although gardening was not his thing until recently ;p )  and lightening the mood with a joke or ten in the sadder times.  As a friend Aaron would do anything for you.  He loved his sports and was always up for shooting some hoops or kicking the footy (and if that wasn't possible talking about sport was good too).

I just keep waiting for someone to tell me this was a terrible sick joke.  I wish it was.  My heart aches for Lisa and the boys at this time.  They are all so strong but I am sure at times like these they feel weak.  One thing is sure - they need never feel alone there are so many who love and care for them which is evident through comments on facebook and blogs. 

I know that Aaron will be hand in hand with Noah watching over them all at this time but that doesn't heal the hurt of knowing that our lives will not be continually enriched by his example and actions while we are left behind. - We hold fast to the memories we have and hope these will strengthen us in the tough times.We love you King family and wish we could take this pain away from you at this time.  Know that we like so many others are here for you no matter what!


Lotti said...

thanks for sharing Clare .... I have come to know the Kings through Lisa's blog, although my twin sister, Vicki Travers lives in Tasmania and has talked about them with me. I have loved reading all the beautiful and inspiring things that she has written about Noah and her family. Very special and very uplifting. Now to read such wonderful things about Aaron ... just wonderful. Lisa and the boys are so blessed to have so much love surrounding them. Their story has touched so many lives. Thinking of you all and you are in my prayers.

Simone Triffitt said...

That was beautiful Clare. How wonderful you had the privilege of seeing him teach. x

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely things about Aaron. I taught Noah briefly and know what a loving father he was, and what an impact he had on his students and colleagues :)

Sarah said...

How very, VERY sad! I couldnt believe it when I read Saturday's paper! I have been a reader of Lisa's blog for quite some time - found it via her photo blog actually! Such a gorgeous, loving family! They have already gone through such heartache xx

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