Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Front Fence

During the Christmas break Hubby, Chloe and I (mostly hubby) were able to finally get the front fence built.  I LOVE it!!!!  Hubby did such a fantastic job building it, don't you think?!

'Santa' gave Chloe some tools for Christmas which proved a popular and well used Christmas pressie.  Now when daddy works on the house she doesn't 'borrow' his tools as much because she has her own :) .

Checking her 'work'.

When we moved into our place our front yard looked like this (our house was  SERIOUS renovators delight - but I fell in love with the location, large windows and well, the potential of the building) - not the garden ;p

After some serious work in the front yard we finally got it to this point - mostly clear but it was left for quite some time as we completed work inside. 

The yard still needs landscaping but at least it is cleared and hidden by our wonderful new front fence.

For those that are wondering it is made from rendered pillars painted gun metal grey and merabu decking timber.

The front fence seriously makes a HUGE difference to the way our house looks now.  We just need to tackle the other jobs at the front of the house to finish it off such as landscape the yard, add a new front door (can't decide on the colour :s ) and paint the window frames gun metal grey also (just a small list of jobs for the front ;p) - then finish off the other jobs around the place. 

But after four years the end is almost in sight! 


The Kings said...

We drove past the other day and were very impressed! Looks incredible.

Cullis Family said...

Love it, great job Sam, Clare & Chloe!

Nettie's Blog said...

arent you forgetting that extension????? know the one that needs a certain building designer to come and measure up and draw for you!!!!!!..
name the day soon....he will be there in his trusty white ute.

Sarah said...

Looks great Clare! And, how nice that Cloe was able to contribute lol! What a transformation!

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