Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The wait is over...

For me anyway :) ! 

Quite some time ago I made this quilt and showed you a sneak peek back in February of last year.  When I was contacted by the lovely Catherine from Homespun (who had come across my blog) to submit a pattern that could potentially be included in the magazine.  I showed her a few partly made quilt tops I had on the go at the time and of them she chose this quilt called 'Our Little Bird Family' so after completing the quilt top and sending it off to Homespun, which was back in June last year, it has been quite a wait for me to see my work in the magazine and have the final reveal.  And now that it is here I can't believe that I am in the magazine!  I mean seriously 'lil ol' me next to some wonderful other designers!  I'm so excited to be in such a wonderful magazine and even went to the newsagents every day since the start of the month to see if it was in stock yet so I could check it out (although I was also very nervous about how it would all turn out).

Want to see?!  There it is  (over the chair) right on the COVER of the magazine giving you another sneak peek!  WOW - on the cover! 

Originally it was only going to be the quilt and pattern that was to be included in the magazine, but shortly after I had provided them with the quilt and pattern instructions I was asked if they could also do a profile of me.  To me this was a harder process than actually designing the quilt and writing the pattern as I was required to provide written answers to a long list of personal questions that would enable them to write up a profile and provide a profile photo (that is me 6 months pregnant - lucky it was a head shot ;p)

And the result = six pages where they profiled me and showcased the quilt!!!  Wow, Wow, Wow.  It is pretty crazy to me that I have been published in such a great magazine.

The full instructions for the 'Our Little Bird Family' Quilt can be found in the magazine as well as some other great projects - well worth getting your hands on a copy ;p !!!


AJ said...

Congratulations! Looks like a lovely quilt...will have to have a closer look

Anonymous said...

Awe....looks amazing! Congratulations!

The Kings said...

Wow!!!!! That's so exciting! Congrats Clare. It looks fantastic.

Launceston Weeden Family said...

Well done Clare on being published in the magazine I am going to have to grab a copy and read all about what a star you are! Congratulations.

Sarah said...

Congrats! I have only recently purchased it as I seen your quilt on the cover while at the newsy! Way to go! Oh, and thanks for the plug! Your such a sweetie :+)

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