Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturday = Festivale + Reception Party

Saturday was a crazy busy day for us, but a very enjoyable family day.  In the morning we had Festivale and later in the afternoon a wedding reception to attend (both lots of fun!). 
This year at Festivale we chose to go together as a family on the Saturday - we have only been once before on the Friday night when Chloe was a newborn and really didn't enjoy the atmosphere of the night life.  This year going during the day with the kids was a BLAST!  When we entered there was a monkey performance on the KPMG stage (hubby's work was sponsoring the event) that Chloe loved!  It was packed around the stage so she had to sit on dad's shoulders to see it. 

Then we wandered around the whole park to get an idea of what was on offer (Chloe was a little reluctant to finish the loop of the park once she saw the kids section!).  Our food of choice was from Landfall Meats (I LOVE the meat from these guys - especially the butterfly lamb with spicy BBQ rub!).  They didn't disappoint although I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the food! 

Then it was back to the kids section for some playing, face painting and a balloon flower.  I was trying to get Chloe to have a small butterfly on her cheek but she wouldn't be swayed after deciding she wanted to be a tiger!  See here she is telling me that she wants to be a tiger - not a butterfly or heart!

This year I also used the mothers room and I was so impressed!  A leather couch for feeding, a play mat for tummy time, microwave if you needed to heat bottles and nappy changing facilities. 

We had so much fun that we decided that it would be worth staying the whole day next year.

Then it was home for a SUPER fast change (including face paint removal) and off to the next "party" - Rachael and Dale's wedding reception at the beautiful Clarendon Estate in a beautiful old barn.

The venue was PERFECT.  A place I would love to renovate and turn into a home, leaving the beautiful exposed beams and rock walls.

It was such a beautiful relaxed party with wonderful people celebrating the happy union of a gorgeous couple.  There was the usual - yummy food, cake and speeches as well as games like totem tennis, cricket and football for the kids.  There was also a photo booth with "mousRashes" (according to Chloe). 
Photo from my mum - (that's my twin sis in the jeans) - Hubby had to leave early to attend a meeting in Devonport that night.
I can't believe I didn't take photos but there were plenty of cameras there.  Maybe if I'm lucky someone will email me the photos that were taken of our family while we were there :)

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