Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

I love valentines day!  We really don't celebrate valentines day much but who can resist getting chocolate just because it's valentines day.  Hubby surprised me with some roses and chocolates - yummo. 

This year I decided to get organised and make heart felt pockets to hide treats in.  The idea is not my own but I cant remember where I saw it so if you know feel free to let me know.  The ones I originally saw had a hand stitching around the outside but as I was short on time I used a silver thread and stitched them on the sewing machine. 

They were super simple to make - just cut out two hearts the same size,

fold one in half and cut a slit into it (this will be the back). 

Place one on top of the other and stitch around the edge (I used a 1/8" seam)

I had Chloe help write some little notes of things we love about daddy, placed a chocolate inside each and then she hid them all.  She choose some pretty tricky places to hide them too like her toy box, behind the curtains and in the fridge!

Best of all we can use the hearts again but I think we will leave treats for the girls next year. :)
Hubby surprised me with some roses and chocolates - yummo.  I love valentines day :)!

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Launceston Weeden Family said...

What a cute idea with the hearts! Many uses for them, I'm sure Chloe may have thought if she hid them well you may not be able to find them all and she would get a secret stash for herself!

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